The vast majority of Perspecta’s clients are first-generation wealth creators that have demonstrated aptitude in their chosen profession, and have been rewarded with financial success as a result of their skills and ability. They are also, not surprisingly, very busy people that generally do not have the time or inclination to focus on the wealth that they have created — they are instead focused on their business, and what it will do in the future. As such, we strive to efficiently deliver turn-key solutions that are clear, logical, and value-added.

Importantly, our founders are also our clients. They have high expectations on service levels and, equally so, on results. They are perhaps our biggest critics, but they also ensure that we deliver a standard that would be embraced by all who experience it.

Typical Perspecta Client Profile

  • Net worth in excess of $50 million
  • First generation wealth builder
  • Complicated and time constrained
  • Seeking highly personalized service
  • Has been working with advisors who may now be under-qualified given wealth level and complexity
  • Disenchanted with business model of large institutions
  • Estate plan may not act as intended, or objectives may have changed
  • On eve of significant liquidity event
  • Wealth transfer plan neglected over years
  • Seeking better situs for trusts; for taxes and for greater flexibility
  • Looking to minimize taxes (income, estate, gift, or GST)