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Life at Perspecta Trust

Few wealth management firms afford the opportunity to work daily with proven business leaders and luminaries, many of which are household names. In the event you were to find such a firm, chances are it would be on Park Avenue somewhere between 40th Street and Central Park.

Perspecta offers the unique opportunity to work with 60+ of some of the nation’s wealthiest families from the quiet confines of Hampton, New Hampshire. While only 45 minutes north of Boston, our headquarters features a picturesque campus, surrounded by ponds and bridges. An ocean mist will occasionally envelop the area, making it more difficult for pilots to spot our helipad as they come and go with clients, prospects, and principals.

Despite the quiet, picturesque surroundings, once you step into One Liberty Lane, the culture is anything but serene. The fast-paced, results-driven environment feels more like Park Avenue than New Hampshire. The result is an ideal combination of a quiet, easy-to-access location with an urban and corporate business culture.

Advantages of Living in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known as the “Live Free or Die” state. As a trust and investment professional, you will appreciate New Hampshire’s favorable tax laws and business environment. More importantly, New Hampshire offers exceptional quality of life. We are close to major metropolitan centers while surrounded by striking natural beauty, including the mountains, forests, lakes and rivers of northern New England, as well as the picturesque coast of Maine and the beaches of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Whether you seek urban living and culture or country life and outdoor adventure, in New Hampshire you can live the life you desire.