Trustee Services

Perspecta Trust serves as trustee of trusts. We provide professional management of trusts for families whom we serve. We act as full trustee, and we also act as administrative trustee.

Comprehensive Trustee

As a full trustee, we manage the trust’s assets, and we handle all aspects of trust administration. We make decisions concerning discretionary distributions, provide trust reporting, oversee tax compliance, and maintain the trust’s records. In some cases, we act as co-trustee, sharing the trustee duties with one or more family members or other individuals.

Administrative Trustee

As administrative trustee, our role is defined by the terms of the trust. Our role may be quite limited, or it may be more expansive. As administrative trustee, we provide recordkeeping and trust reporting, and we typically oversee tax compliance. We may make decisions concerning discretionary distributions, or a distribution advisor or distribution committee may make those decisions.

When we act as administrative trustee, a trust advisor often has the power to manage the trust property. For example, we serve as administrative trustee of a trust that holds interests in a privately-held business, and a trust advisor directs the management of those business interests.