Why Perspecta

Superior Personal Service

We strive to combine exceptional personal service with unrivaled thought leadership. Our service to our client families is conducted in a highly confidential and conflict-free manner with solutions that are specifically tailored to each client engagement. Our wealth management team consists of seasoned professionals with broad, tested experience across multiple disciplines including law, finance, taxation, fiduciary management, and philanthropy.

Peer-to-Peer Philosophy

In addition to being clients themselves, our founders and principals play an active role in every relationship we manage. We keep our client base purposefully small so that we can give every client family the exemplary level of service and attention that we provide to our founders. This peer-to-peer approach applies to our investment management offering as well. Given the significant wealth of our individual clients, both singularly and collectively, we are often presented with private investment opportunities that are not widely accessed by others. These unique investment opportunities, oftentimes presented to us from long standing relationships, are thoroughly vetted internally, and participation comes about only when the principals feel comfortable investing their own capital side-by-side with our clients. There are few firms with the ability to collaborate so extensively with their clients; at Perspecta, peer-to-peer advice is the hallmark of every relationship we manage.

Unique Service Offering

We understand and respect each client’s unique position and the importance of providing services tailored to meet their specific needs. We respect and embrace the diversity of client goals and the complex multi-generational objectives of each family. We place a high priority on confidentiality and the privacy of the families we work with. In our business, there will never be a single solution that works for more than one family; this is why we purposefully keep the number of families we work with so low. Because of our high-touch approach and the thoughtfulness we employ, we need to be able to provide dedicated support and nurturing that simply cannot be replicated on a large scale.

No Conflicts Approach

Our founders created Perspecta in 2007 to serve as an alternative to the historically bundled fiduciary offerings provided by traditional US trust companies. We have made the intentional decision to maintain an unconflicted business model- eschewing long-term contractual obligations and pre-determined business partners in favor of a stridently objective approach that allows us to be advocates for our clients, instead of the purveyors of others’ wares and services. Many of our clients come to us after suffering considerable frustration at the rigidity of larger bank-based trust companies. In Perspecta, our clients find a firm that is wholly agnostic in provider selection: continually seeking out the best unaffiliated service providers we can and imbuing each decision we make with the peer-to-peer approach that is the hallmark of our firm.


Having worked with wealthy families for a number of years, we know that there is never a definitive end to the wealth planning process. Even the most carefully crafted estate plans can easily go adrift. Having the right people in place to monitor and change plans is necessary to keep wealth management on track. Perspecta’s ability to provide this robust oversight to our clients is driven by the collective talents and knowledge of its people. While we remain purposefully small and sharply focused, we have assembled a team that is unparalleled in experience, education and ability in the wealth management field. Adding new members to our team takes time, as we require both excellent working expertise as well as a proven track record of high performance in client service. All of our officers hold advanced degrees, industry recognized certifications and have a litany of merits to their names. Our founder’s business-centric approach and long experience creating and running companies add critical capabilities that are difficult to find at other firms. In short, our collective experience results in our clients receiving both the best advice and highest service standard in our industry.