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The International Family Offices Journal Features Article from Perspecta Trust

The June 2017 issue of the International Family Offices Journal (4th Edition), features an article from Perspecta Trust entitled “Trust Governance Models.”  It discusses the evolutionary progression of trust governance structures and examines the advantages and disadvantages of various trust models. Please click here to view and/or print the article. The International Family Offices Journal is a publication of Globe Law and Business:

New Hampshire’s Attractive Landscape for Trusts and Trust Companies

  For wealthy families, New Hampshire is one of most attractive states in which to create and manage their trusts. New Hampshire offers a trust- and business-friendly landscape that combines family trust companies, modern trust laws, and a favorable tax environment. That combination facilitates creative trust design and efficient administration, which can more effectively achieve a family’s wealth planning goals. Modern Trust Laws New Hampshire has a robust set of modern trust laws, which afford settlors broad flexibility and creativity in designing trusts well suited to their specific needs and wishes. Those laws facilitate the more efficient administration of trusts and importantly provide a high level of certainty concerning the rights, duties, and powers of settlors, beneficiaries, trustees, trust advisors, and trust protectors. Two important themes run through New Hampshire’s…

Using Trust Protectors

In the governance of a trust, a trust protector can play a valuable role. A trust protector traditionally supervises a trustee. A trust protector simultaneously may help to ensure that the settlor’s intent or the trust’s purposes are being fulfilled. TRUST PROTECTOR POWERS A trust protector’s role is defined by the terms of the trust. Unlike a trustee, a trust protector does not have any statutory powers. In the traditional model of a trust protector, the trust protector supervises the trustee. In that model, a trust protector functions like a company’s board of directors, and the trustee functions like the company’s management. Accordingly, a trust protector’s powers often include the following powers: Power to remove a trustee Power to appoint a trustee In some instances, a trust protector may have…