Perspecta CCO Pens Letter Championing Trusts

Perspecta Trust’s vice president of government affairs and chief compliance officer, Glenn Perlow, recently penned a letter to the editor of New Hampshire Business Review championing the Granite State’s trust services industry.

In his letter, Mr. Perlow—who is also president of the New Hampshire Trust Council—touts the $25 million – $43 million annual economic impact trusts have on the state. He credits this impressive figure to the state’s 300-600 trust industry jobs that pay well above the state average. 

Perlow argues well-paying, stable jobs like these are crucial to attracting young workers to New Hampshire. 

“Often, states make extraordinary economic concessions, picking winners and losers, to foster economic development. Not so with New Hampshire’s trust services industry. At no cost to the public, the state has been able to foster growth simply by ensuring that we have some of the best trust laws and trust company regulations in the nation.” – Glenn Perlow, “Trusts sector boosts NH’s economy” NHBR)

Read Mr. Perlow’s entire letter to the editor