Family Trust Company Services

We help families and family offices create and operate family trust companies. Sometimes called a private trust company, a family trust is a family-owned trust company that provides trust, investment, and related services to the family, their trusts, and their businesses. New Hampshire is one of the most attractive states in which to form and run a family trust company.

Working with a family, their family office, and the family’s other advisors, we can help design the family trust company and shepherd it through the regulatory approval process. We can also provide administrative services designed to meet the family’s needs. We offer our expertise in ongoing trust administration and, if desired, maintain the family trust company’s in-state presence. We can also provide comprehensive administrative services, including:

  • Trust accounting
  • Account administration
  • Compliance
  • Custody
  • Back-office services

In addition, we offer office space, host board meetings, answer phones, and collect and forward mail.

Types of Services

The services that we can provide to help families create and maintain a family trust company include:

  • Charter application assistance and support with the New Hampshire Banking Department
  • Entity formation
  • Provision of corporate officers
  • Insurance and bonding requirements
  • Office space and record storage in New Hampshire
  • Financial reporting, including general ledger maintenance
  • Employee payroll processing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Compliance support
  • Policy manual preparation
  • Trust accounting, including administration of accounts on a trust accounting system dedicated to the family trust company
  • Assistance with board of directors meetings
  • General administrative assistance

We can provide those services in a complete turn-key solution or on an à-la-carte basis.