Investment management

We manage funds on behalf of our trust clients as well as non-trust clients. Our clients may choose to utilize Perspecta for all or just some of their investment management needs. We are pleased to collaborate with other investment management firms in order to preserve pre-existing, long-standing relationships. Our strategies always put the client’s needs first.

Investment assignments from our clients may come in the form of broad portfolio management across a spectrum of asset classes, or may be confined to a discrete asset class, such as high yield bonds or private equity. In all instances, client portfolios are fitted specifically to the client’s individual needs and objectives. We never assign one-size-fits-all model portfolios.

Alignment of Interests

Unlike large financial institutions, our clients are never just customers — they are our partners in wealth building. We leverage a global network, diligence capabilities, operating knowledge, and keen foresight in order to achieve success. Our interests are always aligned with yours.

We are acutely aware of the costs involved in portfolio management: management fees, expenses, trading costs, and taxes to name a few. Our entire process is focused on delivering strong net-of-fee, net-of-tax returns to our investors.

What We Do

  • Holistic Asset Management
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Risk Management / Scenario Testing
  • Manager Sourcing and Diligence
  • Direct Private Equity Sourcing, Diligence, and Structuring
  • Income Investing
  • High Yield Corporate Debt
  • Direct Private Debt
  • Public / Private Partnerships
  • Tax Minimization via Asset Placement

Our Approach

We structure our portfolios with a clear separation between beta (the market return) and alpha (excess return). To achieve market return, we typically favor low-cost, passive index funds for exposure to efficient asset classes — those in which managers have a relatively low probability of beating market returns over an intermediate to long-term period.

We augment our market exposure with alternative assets that we believe will produce above-market returns over the intermediate to long-term. Those alternative assets may take the form of:

  • Direct private equity or debt investment
  • A partnership with a world-class money manager
  • A passive investment with a third-party manager
  • A publicly-traded mutual fund or exchange-traded fund

Our Process

Perspecta Trust practices goals-based investing. We get to know our clients by learning about their objectives, financial position, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and tax considerations. Our clients’ goals are the measure by which we judge our own performance as a firm.

Once we fully understand your goals, we work with you and your team to draft an investment policy. This policy establishes agreed-upon guidelines for the management of your capital and clearly defines asset allocation targets, significant investment considerations, and constraints. We stress-test the policy over various market cycles and regimes in order to assure its effectiveness. Assuming the portfolio meets your objectives, we begin implementation.

Perspecta Trust monitors portfolios daily and assesses performance on a net-of-fee, after-tax basis. We provide clear, comprehensive, and customized reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis. Clients also have access to real-time account information via our online portal.