Wealth Transfer Planning

Every client—be they an individual or a family—is unique. We tailor our approach to each client’s particular family situation, business positions, and philanthropic interests. By analyzing their financial condition, assets, liabilities, and cash flow, we create comprehensive strategies to make their vision a reality. Given the complexity of our clients’ needs, our advice is typically multi-phased and involves a combination of tax, business, and philanthropic planning.

Tax Planning

Through thoughtful planning, we help our clients to mitigate and manage their exposure to federal, state, and foreign taxes. Our clients’ asset holdings often include a complex array of business interests, real estate, investment vehicles, intellectual property, insurance, and other assets. We advise our clients on tax-efficient ways to structure their asset holdings. We also advise our clients on wealth transfer strategies to reduce or eliminate estate, income, and other taxes. Through lifetime gift programs and the use of business entities, trusts, financing, and other arrangements, we help our clients navigate the challenges of efficiently holding and transferring their wealth.

Business Planning

For many of our clients, their business holdings represent their primary sources of wealth and wealth creation. For clients who may be contemplating a sale of the business, we work with them to structure their business holdings so that they can minimize potential taxes upon an eventual sale. For clients who are inclined to preserve their businesses for succeeding generations, we help them develop plans to achieve that goal. Drawing on our principals’ business experiences, we advise our clients concerning sound ownership and governance structures. In doing so, we help our clients to ensure that their businesses will be less prone to deleterious distractions caused by internal succession issues or conflicts among family members with disparate interests concerning the business. In short, we help our clients create conditions conducive to the long-term preservation of their businesses.


Many of our clients have strong philanthropic values. We help them to integrate philanthropy into their plans. To that end, we advise our clients concerning ways to support charities and philanthropic endeavors, including through the use of sophisticated charitable giving techniques. We also help our clients to create and administer private foundations.